Finance of America Commercial offers a better alternative to investors who are otherwise limited to hard money lending. My Field Marketing Specialist has been a huge support in helping me educate my clients. Once I do the initial submission, Kelly and the team take it from there. They offer great support.

Jill C., Broker

My client was looking for financing for a ground-up build as well as the ability to purchase more investment properties. Finance of America Commercial met his needs. It’s a great product for my network. It has truly been a pleasure to work with my field market specialist at Finance of America Commercial, and I’m more

Ralph T., Broker

Finance of America Commercial has been and continues to be a great partner that has helped me significantly grow my buy-and-hold portfolio. I have every intention of doing more business with Finance of America. Thank you for your support, your partnership, and willingness to help; your people are great to work with, keep up more

Jason F.

It’s all about relationships, said Rashon, explaining why he and Alia have done repeated business with Finance of America Commercial. This business can be hard. You want to find someone who works as hard as you do, and understands your needs.

Rashon and Alia