Testimonials: What Are FAM TPO Account Executives Saying About FACo

It's as Easy as 1-2-3

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This Really is Easy Money

When I refer my clients to John Cate he always responds quickly to answer my clients scenarios and questions. John spends the time to review the available options and will even get on conference calls with their borrowers to find the correct loan program that is a fit for their needs. The FACo loans can be so simple that they are confusing to most brokers and John helps take the guesswork out of the equation. My clients that close their first few loans with John come to realize how easy he makes it for them to get these loans done. This really is easy money.

Matt McGuinn, Account Executive
FAM TPO Division

Amazing to Work With

Ken Stoner has been amazing to work with. He is extremely knowledgeable when it comes to our commercial suite of programs. Not only is Ken well versed, but he is also an excellent colleague to travel with as we’ve signed up multiple accounts together through the years. I consider myself lucky to have Ken as my commercial AE.

Paul Durkin, Account Executive
FAM TPO Division

When I Pass Along a Referral, They’re in Good Hands
Kelly Rossow-Soto is a true professional and a wealth of knowledge. With her experience, she is extremely helpful with structuring and closing real estate investor loans.

I know when I pass along a referral, they’re in good hands. She is my go to source for Finance of America commercial channel.

Angela Adams, Account Executive
FAM TPO Division

Confidence in Introducing This Product to My Broker Base
Please be advised that the secret of my success in selling the FACo product is Kelly Rossow-Soto. Once I had the opportunity to pick who I wanted to work with, I did not even have a second choice. Kelly is always available and very knowledgeable. She works harder and longer than most people I know. On a moments notice, she has no reservations of traveling across the country if and when I need assistance. Without Kelly, I do not believe that I would have been able to move this product so easily. I have much confidence in introducing this product to my broker base, of whom I hold very sacred, in large part because of Kelly and her professionalism. I would never give her up!

Michael Meyers, Account Executive
FAM TPO Division

Quick to Respond and Helpful to My Accounts
Eden Vick is a great partner for me. She is always quick to respond and helpful to my accounts. Her knowledge and insight boost my ability to help my accounts grow and become even more succesful.

Martha Satterfield, Account Executive
FAM TPO Division