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A Program that Supports Individual Investors

Meet Our Customer, Brad

Brad is a full-time military service member who began investing on the side roughly five years ago, with the goal of supplementing his retirement income. He has acquired nine rental properties in multiple locations across the United States.

Loans that Meet Brad’s Needs

“Getting a loan from a bank is always hard for an investment property,” said Brad. “Banks are very focused on your personal debt-to-income ratio. The Finance of America Commercial product is good for an investor, because it does not require tax returns, W-2’s, or paystubs. I like that the loans are underwritten on property cash flow and that they offer a 30-year fixed rate on a rental property loan.”

A Smooth Process

When asked what has brought him back to Finance of America Commercial for multiple loans, Brad said, “Finance of America Commercial has been very easy to work with. The process is smooth. I call up my account executive or my relationship manager, and we get the loan done. I would recommend the company to anyone who is facing roadblocks with a traditional mortgage.”

“With Finance of America Commercial, I get the funding I need to try and get my business growing.”
– Brad, Finance of America Commercial customer