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Building Relationships One Loan at a Time

Meet Our Customers, Rashon and Alia

Rashon and Alia are residential real estate investors in the metro Atlanta region.

Rashon and Alia connected with Finance of America Commercial (formerly B2R Finance) in 2015.
At that time, they were beginning real estate investors with a portfolio of eight rental properties. They had built their business through hard money and cash purchases, rehabbing single family residences (SFR’s) into rental properties.

Step 1: Recycle Capital

Rashon and Alia’s first two loans with us were blanket loans, which they used to pay off hard money loans for better interest rates and further build their portfolios.

Step 2: Grow, One Property at a Time

Then, they took advantage of our Single Rental Loan product, which offers a 30-year amortization to finance a single rental property.

Today, their portfolio includes 42 properties.

Step 3: Conduct Regular Flips

Rashon and Alia were recently approved for our Fix & Flip Line of Credit product. With their new Line of Credit, they are now acquiring additional properties that they plan to flip and resell. “As you grow, you need better rates and terms,” Rashon said. “This meets that need.”

Step 4: A Long Term Relationship

“It’s all about relationships,”
said Rashon, explaining why he and Alia have done repeated business with Finance of America Commercial. “This business can be hard. You want to find someone who works as hard as you do, and understands your needs.”

“What’s great about our relationship with Rashon has been that we’ve been able to provide him options as his needs have changed. He’s exactly the type of individual investor that we’re here for. What we offer is repeatable and scalable, so the more business you do with us, the easier it gets over time.”
– Lisa Abdy-Gray / VP, Centralized Production