Kelly Rossow-Soto – Client Testimonials


Read What Kelly’s Customers and Business Partners Have to Say:

Throughout all the years that I have been purchasing and constructing property, I can tell you I have not worked with such an easy Lender and one who is so willing to spend their time to help me. I’ve been using many private money lenders over the years and I can say with absolute certainty that you are the best in the business. I do not intend on going back to private money after my experience with you. Your products, and more importantly your service, as well as your personal touch, have made me very comfortable in my capabilities of developing more properties and having more projects, thus advancing my career. I am excited and greatly looking forward to working with you again.

Soroosh A., Investor

Kelly, I just wanted to take a moment to let you know how much I appreciate your help and expertise. I am very impressed with not only your knowledge and expertise but your willingness to take the time to address all concerns, whether small or big… to deal with the listing agent side and to reassure all parties involved. You have made the process so much easier for us and you were always available to help us. I want to thank you for this amazing service and product. I value your help tremendously and appreciate the fact you have helped both my client’s and my own career. We look forward to working with you and FACO in the near and ongoing future.

David K., Broker

I took my first baby steps in the mortgage industry as a processor in 2018. Towards the end of that year I became NMLS licensed and began originating a few loans. Quickly, I realized that DSCR based financing for investors was going to be MY THING. In 2019, I was lucky enough to have Kelly Soto show up at our office to tell us all about FaCo. Who knew how much this would change my approach!? At first, I said no way, I’m not going to be able to deal with the lender charging a point so even if I know FACo has the better rate I’ll still continue to sell for the other similar lenders where we process everything in house or even table fund in certain cases. However, Kelly knew what we wanted to hear. She explained how her team was going to order title, insurance, appraisal, etc and the light bulb went off that I would be able to do way more loans than I had been doing if that were the case. It’s one thing to say that, it’s an entirely different thing to work as hard as Kelly does. I’ve NEVER ONCE been left hanging by Kelly when I needed something even as busy as I know she is. One thing that is glaringly obvious about her is that despite the top level type of volume she does it is simply against her personality type to let things fall by the way side. I truly never worked with another AE that wanted me to succeed as much as she did and for this I will be forever grateful. This industry is full of AEs that blow off brokered files and companies whose AE simply has a pulse but not deep experience and grit like her. Kelly really made me feel welcomed even as a newer guy without a ton of knowledge yet. When I hit a road block experience wise she’d hop on the phone and put the borrower’s concerns at ease. When there was an issue with processing Kelly was on it like a hawk. There is no doubt in my mind that without Kelly Soto I would not be in the middle of buying my third investment property with $20,000,000 + in loans closed with FACo so far.

Thanks to Kelly, I can honestly still say that the best is yet to come.

Alex B., Broker

I wanted to thank you [Kelly] very much for all your help and input in helping me to close on my loan. I really appreciate your advice on using a different type of loan for my buy and hold strategy. In the long run I ended up saving more on this. I will definitely work with you again to build my portfolio.

Budhram R., Investor

Kelly was an invaluable resource as I took on my first Fix and Flip project with Finance of America. From the beginning, she offered her real estate expertise and experience in finance, acquisition, construction, and exits. During the process, she was always available for guidance and significantly increased my confidence that we could deliver an excellent project. I’m planning to stay with Finance of America and take on more projects, in large part because I had such solid direction and teamwork from representatives like Kelly.

Stefano C., Investor

I sent Kelly a client almost a year ago and she continued to follow up with him. It looks like she may have a fix and flip loan set up for him now, which is awesome. It was super easy to send clients over to her, and she takes care of them from the time you send them, and you don’t really have to do much.

Chris W., Broker / Referral Partner

In my 20 years in the business, I have always tried to be as full service a loan officer as I can be. FAM offers as many or more options for borrowers than any other lender. The problem is being an expert at everything. 203K’s, reverses, jumbo VA… there is a lot to it. However, when I got a call recently from a local fix and flip broker, I didn’t know how to answer all of his quick-fire questions on how to get our financing line through FACO. I gave Kelly a quick call and instead of trying to hold my hand, she put us all on a 3-way call and sold, signed and delivered everything my flip broker needed. She made me look very, very good. I am not afraid of fix and flip math or anything anymore.

Kelly does it all.

Brian D., Broker

Whether you know the Finance of America Commercial loan products or not, Kelly is instrumental in helping the borrower understand the product. All you really need is an introduction email/call and Kelly will explain how the product works. She will email the applications to the borrower, review the documents and follow up with the borrower. She reviews the file thoroughly before submitting to the underwriter so that the underwrite is a much easier process.

I would highly recommend that you get Kelly involved from the beginning with any of your investor clients who are interested in the Fix & Flip, Rental Loans and/or Bridge Loans. She makes the process easy for your borrower so that you, as a Loan Officer, can get more business for you both.

Having Kelly on your team is a MUST!

Momi Pointer, Broker / Referral Partner