A Lender Who Focuses on Getting Deals Closed. Imagine That!

IMAGINE THIS – I give a lender all of the information they ask for and they don’t lose half of it. Then miraculously an appraisal is ordered, an appraiser is lined up, and he actually goes to the property. The appraisal report is then prepared and quickly returned to us with an amount showing any changes from our original application. Imagine working with a lender who focuses on getting our deals closed so that we can focus on doing what we love and finding another house to buy and rehab. IMAGINE THAT! You have no idea how grateful I am to FACo right now.

All I can say is thank you, Finance of America Commercial!

  • It didn’t take 417 emails to get all of this done.
  • I didn’t need to chase you.
  • I didn’t need to ask you over and over where is the appraisal or where’s this or that or how could you lose my documents AGAIN.
  • I did my job and you did yours, and well.
  • I’m never going anywhere else – Finance of America is great!

Tina W., Investor